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On this page you will find various web tools and scripts that you are free to use any time you wish.

Feel free to bookmark this page so you can access it any time, make it Your Webtools Page.

Simply click the appropriate images next to the descriptions below and the service or script you wish to use will open in a window which you can close by clicking the cross in the top right, that way you won't lose this page.

Enjoy our Web Services and have a nice day.

Ian Wilson

Tool-Link-Button-01 Banner Creator: Create your own Banners using this simple but effective tool.
Tool-Link-Button-01 Favicon Generator: Use this tool to create a Favicon (Favourites Icon) for your website links and make them stand out in a list, check the address bar on this page for a sample, the Favicon is the small icon before the web address
Tool-Link-Button-01 Mini Site Maker: This is an online editor that allows you to create a webpage by filling in a few answers to questions etc and a few clicks, full instructions are on the page.
Tool-Link-Button-01 Password Generator: Use this tool to generate a unique and safe password simply choose how many characters long then click create and it's done, your password is ready to use wherever you want.
Tool-Link-Button-01 Bookmark Generator: With this tool you can create a bookmark link so people can easily add your website (doesn't work with Firefox)
Tool-Link-Button-01 Message Box Generator: This tool creates a link button that opens a popup message when clicked, ideal for user tips etc.
Tool-Link-Button-01 Cool Menu Generator: This tool will create a handy menu with a text box showing the text of your choice when someone hovers their mouse over each link.
Tool-Link-Button-01 Countdown Redirect Generator: This tool will let you create a redirect that automatically redirects visitors from a certain page to another one of your choice and after a time period set by you.
Tool-Link-Button-01 Meta Tag Generator: Easily create meta tags to insert into your webpage's increasing search engine results etc.
Tool-Link-Button-01 Popunder Generator: Automatically opens a webpage of your choice underneath your webpage so that your visitors see it when they close your webpage.

Popup Generator:Opens a popup window after a time period set by you over the existing page, ideal for special offers, opt in forms etc.

Tool-Link-Button-01 Random Quote Generator: Shows the text of your choice when someone re-opens or refreshes your page.  
Tool-Link-Button-01 Scrollbar Generator: Create a custom scrollbar for your website with this easy to use tool




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